EOS team is suspected of colluding with VCs and Block Producers

EOS team is suspected of colluding with VCs and Block Producers

I’ll try to keep this short and factual. I like EOS, and I want it to succeed, but I believe the community should be aware of developments:

  • Block.one is the company that is developing the EOS.IO software
  • Once the EOS.IO software is ready in June, third parties will be able to deploy their blockchains using this software
  • Block producers (BP) are roughly the equivalent of miners in PoW, but there is a predetermined number of BPs and they are rewarded for validating blocks and providing infrastructure for the blockchain.
  • Block.one claims they don’t have anything to do with who deploys the blockchains in June and who will be the BPs

However, one of the main investors in block.one is INBlockchain. INBlockchain was listed on EOS.io as a partner up until a few days ago, and block.one CEO Brendon Blumer has been listed as an advisor for INBlockchain (check internet archive; can’t access it right now) Further, INBlockchain is said to prepare a BP candidacy themselves, and they invest in several BP candidates, including EOS Mao Lao, OracleChain, EOS Gravity, and eosONO (source. Lastly, as an aside, AntPool announced their candidacy for BP as well. Therefore there’s a potentially very intricate colliding business going on, and people should probably be alert about who’s running for BP.

Block.one CTO, Dan Larimer, claims he has no idea about any colluding going on , and he claimed the INBlockchain partnership on eos.io was a photoshop before being linked to internet archive. Block.one CEO claims this is a mistake, and he’s not an advisor for INBlockchain.

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