Can we stop treating partnershits as anything substantial?

Can we stop treating partnershits as anything substantial?

It’s stupid. Useless coins with no actual development whatsoever are getting away with this all the time. Announce a partnershit, coin gets pumped. Announce a teaser for a partnershit, coin gets pumped. Even if it’s a real partnershit, it’s just two companies pumping each other for exposure and hype. No real work being delivered. All lip service.

Partnershits mean nothing. Show us the work, the product actually being applied and used, then only a coin deserves to appreciate in value. Announcements and promises do not have substance to back it up. These coins and partners in crime don’t even bother to develop a prototype or MVP and just get free pumps with all the monkey followers.

Partnershit culture has to stop. And everyone of us is responsible in growing crypto with substance, not empty promises. That, or people are just hypocrites who say they are against pumps and dumps and point fingers to other coins as shitcoins but don’t mind their bags getting partnershit-pumped.

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