The #Thorium Car Runs for 100 Years Without Refueling.

 The #Thorium Car Runs for 100 Years Without Refueling

The Thorium Car Runs for 100 Years Without Refueling.

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The amazing car pictured is a theoretical concept car which could run for one hundred years without needing to be refueled. Such a car would be powered by thorium, one of the densest materials on planet Earth.
The massive density of Thorium (11.7 grams per cubic meter) means that it can store an impressive amount of energy, more than 20 million times the energy stored in coal. This means that a very small amount of Thorium has the potential to provide the same amount of energy as a very large amount of fossil fuels such as coal or oil. One gram of thorium contains as much energy as 28,000 liters of oil.

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