How worried should I be about cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome?

How worried should I be about cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome?

I started smoking marijuana 3-4 years ago, not regularly, just once in a very rare while. Then, when my state legalized cannabis for recreational use at the beginning of the year, I switched over to vaping because I heard that it had more benefits than smoking. I’ve been vaping regularly since then. I recently heard about this condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome that’s supposedly caused by cannabis use. I’m wondering how common it is. I’ve heard that If it does happen at all, it’s only in extremely heavy marijuana users, people who use high-potency marijuana strains multiple times a day for years which is definitely not me. I’ve also heard that in the thousands of years of marijuana use, no cases have been recorded until recently, which leads me to believe it may be caused by the pesticides some growers use on their plants. So I’m wondering if this is something I need to be concerned about, if it’s something that’s either being overblown by the media and the vocal minority that has it, it’s being caused by the aforementioned pesticides that some growers use or if it’s a case of “too much of anything is bad for you”.

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