~#Anonymous: 🌹 They and Them ~ #Saudis _ #Elite & #Yemen #OpStopTheUN ~

~#Anonymous: They and Them ~ #Saudis _ #Elite & #Yemen~

~Anonymous:Β  They and Them ~ Saudis _ Elites & Yemen~

Anon ZeroSecAnon ZeroSec

Published on Jun 8, 2018

They and Them

Sauds – Elites & Yemen


preventable deaths magnified through attrition warfare tactics,
slowly killing them off, destabilizing the infrastructure, creating debt, and displacing the people.

Governments terrorize, and incubate extremism. They maintain the System Failure, they repeat this again and again,

The United Nations makes Hollow claims for any type of Justice, that is there purpose, look busy sound genuine….
Your sick and twist theater, you use everyone else for your amusement,

War Crimes?… Genocide?…

Saudi Arabia, the new magical utopian paradise??? they just oooze Freedom, no social or religious control, even better its the year 2018 and women can now drive… OHH how great, hows about stop bombing Yemen schools, hospitals, funerals and weddings, stop blocking humanitarian aid, stop your bullshit war, you rule with fear, for you are truly weak.

“U.S. defense officials said there are no plans to reduce current levels of assistance, which includes intelligence and aerial refueling for Saudi and Emirati warplanes.”

“The service’s tankers such as KC-135 Stratotankers and KC-10 Extenders participated in 7,564 refueling “events” with coalition aircraft, with “about 54 million pounds of fuel off-loaded in support of Saudi operations in Yemen,”

“Main goal of the US-Saudi terror in Yemen is to destroy Yemen as a whole.”

“#Saudi raids targeted capital #Sanaa #Yemen on residential neighborhoods demolished homes of citizens&killed&wounded many of them.Would @OSE_Yemen write this in his report2 UN Or he’ll remain silent&prefer Saudi money πŸ€‘ as Ould Sheikh?? Yemen news media”

“As usual, UN will remain silent πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ #news #media #press #World #ICRC”

“Nothing New , This Only A part of Daily Routine for USA UK UAE and Saudi Arabia in Yemen . It is Normal Thing to Happen !Β Β  Do you know Why?Β  Because they are Allies and Some of them Killers And the others Weapons Dealers and Logistics & Targeting Services & UN their lawyer”



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