What happened to transhumanism?

#ArtificialIntelligence: What happened to transhumanism?

Two days ago, this was posted here. The significance of it wasn’t of the person who posted it, but rather the reception it got. It seems it had quite a few downvotes (it currently sits at 60%) and a number of comments that were impolite to put it nicely.

One of -if not the– major tenets of transhumanism is the idea that technology can allow us to transcend what nature saddles us with. So you’d think that alternative genders would be a perfect fit for transhumanism, right? Apparently not, judging by the above.

What happened to transhumanism and when did it happen? Best I can tell is that the transhumanist movement suffered some kind of Eternal September at some point. Let’s face it, were transhumanists 15 (or even just 10) years ago saying shit like this:

In essence, most cases of the abovementioned transgenderism seem to be a form of memetic subversion attack that is performed on the organism of the “transgender” person by an external force.

about transgender people? I’d wager not.

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