Why is there a leak of information from messengers, how to avoid it?

Why is there a leak of information from messengers, how to avoid it?

Now we use what we could not have dreamed of before. Internet at every step, gadgets for every taste, electronic money, telemedicine,” smart ” home.

But any medal has a reverse side. For digital goods, we have to pay the loss of privacy. Our personal data “walks” in the network, attackers can get into the e-wallet, and personal correspondence often becomes public.

From whom we defend ourselves

To understand how serious protection methods should be used, you need to decide from whom we want to protect our correspondence.

For example, you communicate from your smartphone and use one of the following messengers: WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram. The strength of these programs (and their weakness) is the use of a phone number as a unique identifier.

Without access to the number, no one would get into your correspondence. But the phone number is your SIM card. Any person who has your phone or SIM-card in his hands automatically becomes you for a messenger.

If you think about how often criminals commit data theft with the help of the reissuance of SIM cards, such method of protection is not reliable.

Here we are helped by two-factor authentication: if you protect the messenger with a password, no one except you will get to personal messages.

Deal with this. Who else can read your messages? First of all, the administrators of messengers themselves, intelligence agencies and attackers. And here everything is much more interesting.

Big brother’s watching you.

My favorite horror story from the time of Snowden’s revelations is that intelligence agencies, at least ours, even strangers, constantly follow everyone.

On this wave, people begin to defend themselves by any means available: they glue the eyes of cameras on devices, are removed from social networks, use fictitious accounts. The secret of correspondence in such conditions becomes even more important for the user.

Do not forget also that, as I have already mentioned above, you can get the data by simply taking possession of the user’s device or having remote access to it. Therefore, modern antivirus, timely software updates and original passwords will protect your device and your privacy from most threats.

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