Midterm Mania – Restoring Voter Rights and Information Access

Midterm Mania – Restoring Voter Rights and Information Access

Hey there everyone – I’m here today representing Midterm Mania, a recently established group dedicated to getting the public excited to vote, while also ensuring that the public is as politically educated as possible in the process.

We seek to make people aware of common voter suppression tactics, and actively endorse policies and legislation that assist in restoring voting rights and information access to the public. We aim to make public political discussion no longer taboo – indeed, we seek to make politics something that people feel both obligated and passionate to discuss.

We are small, but we are growing – and we want you to join us! We have discussion posts every other day that we encourage active participation in, polls, questions, and links to relevant resources pertaining to voting rights. Right now we are discussing what aspect of education we consider most important in a voting populace.

Simplified, our goals are this – we seek to improve the country by providing access to education and voting material. We believe in strengthening our education systems, public spending to ensure the safety and fairness of elections, full-country redistricting to combat gerrymandering, abolition of the electoral college, and the repeal of Citizens United.

Even if your ideals differ from ours, our primary goal is discussion and engagement – please don’t feel afraid to engage us with differing opinions.

Here’s a link to our group. We can’t wait to see you there!


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