Will cash out. I give up.

Will cash out. I give up.

Lost a ton buying at ATH. Bought almost every dip after. I must admit that most of what is being talked about crypto sounds jargon to me and I do as much reseach as I can. Last week, I finally had hopes of a bit of recovery when I finally saw green and decided to still hodl. But now, this is just some bullshit and I can’t keep deluding myself anymore. I don’t think there will still be a big recovery after this. Some force bigger than all of us are at play here. We’re like kites being reeled back after letting a bit of rope go.

I wish all the other hodlers goodluck. As for myself, I’m done.

Edit: I haven’t really responded to any of you. So let me give a final statement. I believe in the project and what its trying to accomplish, but I can’t deal with its price any longer. When the first dip happened, everyone was so reassuring about the second bullrun. Same with the third, and the fourth and so on. Everyone was saying to not sell low. However, if I didn’t listen to all these misguided claims, I wouldn’t have lost as much. I woul still have a big chuck of it, still a loss, but not Enron loss.

I wish you all the best with your investments. Hope you guys are right and will be happy if that happens. As for me, I’ve pulled out and will be observing from the sidelines. Thank you everyone

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