Looking for some help with living fences in cold climates

Looking for some help with living fences in cold climates

Hello. I got this little lawn area outside where I live where my family is currently growing grass. I already have a small garden based on permaculture principles behind the house, but I’m looking to also turn this area into a vegetable garden next year.

Now, I got plenty of ideas for what to do with this lawn plot so Ill leave that for another discussion, but my main concern is the road right next to it. What I am looking to do is to have some kind of barrier between the road and the vegetable garden to offer some protection during the summer against pedestrians, cars, dogs and children that may think its interesting to go into gardens to pick vegetables.

First I was thinking about setting up some kind of wooden fence, but I’m not a huge fan of tall fences that make a plot of land seem like a fortress. I like the idea of a living fence, and so I’ve been thinking that there has to be some kind of plants that are suited for this.

I live outside Oslo, Norway, and our growing season lasts from about April to September. What I would like to do is to have some kind of plant I can use that will grow quickly in spring, and act as a fence during the summer. It would be best if I can harvest this plant during autumn and use for compost, mulch or add on top of the soil around my garden to provide nutrients or a home for bugs and micro-organisms to thrive, but any kind of plant/bush/tree that will give off leaves are also a perfectly good option.

My main concern here is that whatever I choose wont spread by itself, and that it wont grow too tall or require too much maintenance. I dont mind some chopping and trimming and cutting during the summer/autumn, but I dont want a tree or huge bush that end up branching out and become impossible to manage after a few years.


Is there any such plant that would do the trick? Whatever I choose it would have to be something I dont have to replace yearly and that will survive the winter and start growing new leaves or branches next spring, and it’s also important to me that I can use any extra biomass produced by this fence elsewhere in the garden.


I have included some pictures of the garden so you get the idea of what my plot looks like. There is a metal fence already in place between the road and the lawn. Removing the fence is not an option, but I can use it for support for any growing plants I choose to put down.



I appreciate any suggestions.

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