Concept: Solarpunk commune

Concept: Solarpunk commune
Concept: Solarpunk commune

Tomorrow at 10pm EST “The Blotter radio zine” on WCOM 103.5 we will be talking about communes, and I know I won’t be able to cover even a fraction of this during the broadcast, so I thought I would write this more thorough explanation of how to develop a solarpunk style commune. We would really appreciate it if you are interested in this topic to call in during the show at (919) 246-9639 (at 10-10:50pm EST Tuesday)

We would cover each large building in earth and create tiered gardening while also insulating the structure. Added benefit of looking beautiful

Goal: To create a comfortable, sustainable and as largely self sufficient as possible community that exemplifies the ideals of solarpunk while working with today’s technology and the culmination of humanities knowledge. When have all of our methods made open source so that other communities can attempt the same.

How do we accomplish this?We purchase cheap land, and begin constructing an initial makerspace/workshop that allows us to build the major machines from Open Source Ecology including construction equipment, tractors, to even an automated brick press that can use local dirt to produce bricks. From there we begin building a communal long house that will include a bar, communal dining hall, a rest area, bath house. It will also have an in built biogas plant that uses bio material (kitchen waste, horse manure, etc) that is used to heat the water when the solar heating isn’t an option.Use Precious Plastic’s recycling machines (also built through the makerspace) to use the plastic collected (we could even accept plastic from neighboring communities) to build stuff we need. Injection mold parts for things we need, 3D print custom parts from recycled plastic, mix in graphene, bamboo, etc for making specific material mixes.

(imagine using a large scale 3D printer to print a set of furniture that looks like its part of a living tree)

As we go along we would build various kinds of houses for people moving in, tiny houses for single people who like privacy (but you have to maintain the solarpanels around your yard), modularly designed apartments with shared extras (like a built in movie theater for community movie nights), larger communal houses for families/friend groups. Make them all look like a cross between high fantasy/with modern conveniences just stuff we build and build to last.

For supplying food to everyone we would use a combination of farmbot, vertical farming greenhouses built into the hill, aquaponics, an artificial river, chinampas, and small islands dedicated towards raising chickens and other small animals.(Presentation about aquaponic river setup that allows for raising a large amount of healthy fish)This also doubles as an energy storage system, have a large fishpond built into the top of a hill with a floodgate bordered drain. The river is built tiered in parallel lines going down the hill with built in “tide pools” for the fish in the river to live in when the river isn’t flowing, and the water leads towards a larger water reservoir at the bottom of the hill. At each level of the river water would be collected and filtered of fish waste, with that concentrated waste being used to provide nutrients to the greenhouses. Then the clean water from the greenhouse along with the rest of the water would go through a small vortex style hydro generator. Water would get pumped up during peak solar hours, we would then begin switching over to biogas, hydro, and battery supplies as the sun sets. Ideally we would be selling power to the larger grid almost 24/7.

We would build a small cute town square with small shops that are a mix of high fantasy/sustainable technology, like the village candy shop that uses old fashioned candy making techniques but might have a food safe 3D printer making delicate candy sculptures for a party. We could regularly host events (like renascence faires/sustainability conferences/conventions) and sell stuff through the little town square to fund for the things we can’t build/produce ourselves.

Over time as we develop new things through the makerspace we could develop further improvements to the commune. Things like recycling metal and building a little public tram to get from one side of the property to the other, wifi tower disguised as a wizard’s tower, electric scooters for short trips, making specialized greenhouses for growing specific plant species (coffee for instance).

Essentially it would be a DIY version of the Venus Project

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