How to bring back to life 30’000m2 of land?

How to bring back to life 30’000m2 of land?

I’m living in Switzerland and we own an agricultural land of 30’000m2 (+ 10’000m2 forest). This land is in the prealps (altitude: 1000m, heavy snow during 2-3 months).

Currently, every summer (since forever), a neighbor farmer is using the land to feed his cows. This just destroyed the biodiversity of the land. There is just grass everywhere. Less & less animals / plants / insects every year.

My goal for 2019 is to take over the place, build a small perma-garden and most importantly, start bringing the whole place back to life.

My knowledge is quite limited but I’m quite sure that this gonna take some time to bring the biodiversity back. Do you have any mid-long term goal advice to improve the land quality? (Soil quality, biodiversity, wildlife friendly)

The land is currently fenced for the cows. Is this a good idea to remove the fence to help wildlife spreading?

I already have some ideas:

  • Plant bees friendly flowers
  • Remove the cows!
  • Install a bee hotel
  • Let the land untouched for 2-3 years (Mow at the end of the year?)

Thank you for any advices or resources you can provide!

Bonus: Picture of the place:

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