Apollo Currency P&D and Scam Accusations Answered by Founder Stephen McCullah

Apollo Currency P&D and Scam Accusations Answered by Founder Stephen McCullah

This will probably be my last topic on this subject. It is only fair to provide APL’s side of the story, which is a published response to the several of red flags that have emerged about this project – most recently orchestrating a Pump (last week) and Dump (yesterday). The Apollo team and especially the Apollo community REALLY want everyone here to see this, so I will provide it here, as it seems most of them don’t have enough karma to post on this subreddit (note all the auto-removed comments in yesterday’s topic). The article where the founder, Steve McCullah, addresses these concerns is here:


Feel free to form your own opinions. I will post mine below in the comments.

Edit: I do want to include one note here since the article did start off by saying this about me directly:

The person who wrote the reddit scam post made sure to link as many sources as he could, in order to bend the truth and convince the random crypto readers of reddit. Some responses from people who have never heard of Apollo even stated that the post sounded like an upset Monero fanboy.

Yes, Apollo Community, this is called providing evidence. If I didn’t provide concrete evidence that this was all happening, I would not have a valid argument. I understand why this concept might be difficult for you all to understand. And that fanboy insult really got to me, that was very mean of you.

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