Facebook is worse than you think..

Facebook is worse than you think..

Probably you have heard of this a lot before but I can’t understand what is going on.

So, I have downloaded and viewed my Facebook data before but not so carefully until today. I downloaded it again today as a keepsake before deleting my Facebook and.. what I found was really jaw dropping. I am normally a very careful person when it comes to my online activity and like everything organized. But I found that Facebook not only keeps your ‘normal’ data like posts and comments you have made but also your profile update history, deleted group messages, pages you’ve UNFOLLOWED and friends you have removed, ignored friend requests and your contacts EVEN IF YOU HAVE EXPLICITLY DENIED THE PERMISSION TO UPLOAD THEM(the contacts). I am 100% assured I have never allowed Facebook/Messenger to upload contacts from my phone or to even Google Contacts but somehow in my ‘your_address_books.json’ file, I can see all my contacts, EVEN THOSE THAT I DELETED MONTHS AGO!

Moreover, I even found some videos I had never watched before- some low quality videos of people dancing and one with pornographic content. I seriously don’t know what to make of this. How on earth did those irrelevant contents get linked to my account and why is Facebook keeping so much data(in some cases, WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION). How is Facebook even getting away with this? Anyone who has carefully examined their Facebook data after downloading will understand what I am talking about here and what a creepy company Facebook really is. For your own safety and privacy, delete Facebook if you haven’t done so already.


Edit: I forgot to add that there is also my previous email listed on the archive. Also the things I list here cannot be viewed if you are only accessing the data without downloading it.

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