How will we deliberately evolve our bodies?

#ArtificialIntelligence: How will we deliberately evolve our bodies?

Soon we will be able to design babies by removing unwanted and adding specific genes (not only human) to the genome. What improvements can you think of? I’m thinking increased intelligence of course. Metabolizing cellulose would be convenient. A wild idea is to put chlorophyll in the skin so we can just sit in the sun to get energy. Using our palms as torches through bioluminescence is another feature we can achieve with existing genes in nature.

With really powerful computers far in the future, we might start to invent completely new genes by first simulating random new proteins in virtual cells and bodies. Then we can become anything that is biologically possible. Maybe the ability to produce fantastic but harmless drugs at will. Being able to sense magnetic fields and radio waves. A third eye (in the neck?) that also can see temperatures like an infrared camera. Absorbing oxygen in the water through the skin. Any other ideas?

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