LFA: DIY Solar roof in stages

LFA: DIY Solar roof in stages

Hi all. I’m looking for advice/recommendations for doing solar-grid-tie-in as a DIY project on my house, but in stages. All of these “solar companies” want you to plop down $15K+ at once. I’d rather do it piece at a time, mainly to save money.

It seems like I could buy the inverter/charger/tie-in piece initially, and install that, with no panels. Then next month, buy a couple panels, mount them, and just “plug them in”. Then in another couple months, buy another panel and just “plug it in” etc, until I’ve reached my goal.

I’m pretty sure that due to the giant tree in my yard, I won’t be doing more than 1 row across the top of the roof, which is why I think getting a company involved for a big project will cost more than what I’m getting out of it.

Thoughts on that? Thanks in advance!

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