Why isn’t anyone talking about the growing Pesticide problem in #Marijuana?

Why isn’t anyone talking about the growing Pesticide problem in marijuana?

When marijuana was a street pharmacists paradise, a good portion of it was grown indoor or just randomly scattered seeds in the local wilderness. Sure, it wasn’t nearly as potent as it is now, nor was there so much variety, but it was clean.

These days, pesticides are sprayed haphazardly on everything, marijuana included, and in the case of marijuana it is turning into something that can be extremely dangerous after long term exposure.

I had recently posted a short video on some of its dangers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKMWOVPQ8tk), which got no traction. When I ask my local dispensary what types of pesticides are being used, they all draw a blank stare.

With SO MANY articles pointing out this pesticide problem (High Times, Cannabis Business Times, and plenty more), it begs the question … how do I make sure my pot is clean? Has anyone found any interesting means of finding clean bud?

I understand that the majority of pesticides are being used by illegal marijuana operations, but it seems plenty of legal ones are also stretching the imagination on what is acceptable. The last thing I want is to smoke pesticides and any info you may have to ensure I won’t do this would be most appreciated.

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