DYI: Artificial Intelligence SDK

#ArtificialIntelligence: DYI: Artificial Intelligence SDK

Chooch.AI will officially launch the new turnkey SDK tomorrow at TechCrunch. It effectively lowers the bar to integrate AI into any business. Please give is a whirl yourself: https://chooch.ai/demo/#download-app

Chooch AI Provides Developers with Visual AI for Mobile Applications with New Software Development Kit

The new Chooch IC2 mobile software development kit beta (SDK) will launch tomorrow. With this release, Chooch now provides enterprise-grade trainable facial and object identification to mobile applications. To request the iOS SDK beta, please meet the team at the TechCrunch AI conference or go to https://chooch.ai/sdk/

Chooch has been deployed by customers for a wide range of applications on many platforms. Chooch can be rapidly trained to be a visual expert in any field, from types of aircraft parts, to individual human faces, to identifying and counting cancer cells. When Chooch is presented with images or videos that contain perceptions learned by its neural networks, Chooch returns metadata such as a person’s identity for security purposes, a product SKU, or the condition of an asset such as a machine part. Chooch can be trained to accurately identify features in any media, like web-based video or images on mobile phones, live drone feeds and medical imagery.

The first 1000 API calls are free. All subsequent 1000 calls will be $1.

Ping me if you want a demo or more info.

Chooch.AI provides visual AI for the media, e-commerce, security, and medical industries, among others. Chooch performs object recognition and facial recognition by matching data in its neural network perception library which is acquired with machine learning. Its API is compatible with photo or video content from any source such as live streams, apps, web, robots, or drones. Chooch provides a full suit of computer vision services, from data to predictions.

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