Information about how to #Reduce individual carbon footprint?

Information about how to reduce individual carbon footprint?

This is a two-fold question:

  1. I am looking for food and precise information on how to reduce my personal carbon footprint. I’ve looked at a few carbon footprint calculators. Most of them seem to be assuming you live in the US, with the associated life style. Many promote “carbon compensation” schemes for plane travel which I think can’t work, as we simply can’t plant so many billions of trees to compensate for extraction of carbon that was deposited and fossilized over hundred of millions of years. And quite a few also seem to be data-gathering devices which is suspicious at best (asking for email, zip code, income and so on). However after some searching, I found the carbon footprint calculator from the German Umweltbundesamt or UBA (Federal Environmental Agency), which looks quite good: . It turns out that in my personal case, I seem to be able to reduce my footprint by 30% by just stopping flying completely (I already to some long-distance travel by train, and I buy very little stuff). That’s very helpful. But I feel I need more precise and better information, for example on consumer articles, clothing and so on. I am also confused about UBA’s information regarding meat consumption – according to their numbers, it seems to have much less impact than some people suggest.

  2. Some climate activists say that very few large corporations cause the bulk of global emissions. Is this true? Where can I learn more about that?

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