More sustainable/ethical alternative for

More sustainable/ethical alternative for

The title pretty much sums it up: I’m looking for an online shopping alternative to that focuses more on sustainable products (e.g. less plastics, questionable chemicals, toxic manufacturing) and has more ethical sourcing/employment practices (e.g. made in USA products, fair trade). I expect prices will be a bit higher than amazon, but I’m definitely looking for something more budget focused than luxury.

I know any online buying has sustainability downsides (higher shipping impact, new vs used, etc.) Some things are just very difficult to find in stores, or all at the same store. For example, right now I’m wanting to purchase compostible trash bags, rechargeable batteries, plant food, brewers yeast, and ear plugs. I figure there must be something out there that can fill the role of amazon’s one-stop convenience without being so full of bottom dollar Chinese manufactured goods with highly questionable employment practices.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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