My story of becoming a #crypto millionaire and “poor” again

My story of becoming a crypto millionaire and “poor” again

I am writing this now from my phone, sitting in a bar in the slums of East Africa, enjoying my $0.60 beer in the shadow.

Here is my story. I was working for a bank in Europe when a colleague told me about Ethereum end of 2016. That’s when I invested blindly what I had left from my savings. Boy I had no idea. It went well as you might know. I also had the right timing when I switched from Ethereum to EOS one year later. My initial investment was suddenly worth about almost 100x in a liquid market. Worth about a million. I didn’t tell anyone about that apart of my parents, my best friend and the colleague who told me about crypto.

That’s when my parents started asking me for help. And I was glad I was able to help. They are divorced and asked both separately. Soon I was also requested to help more family members, also outside of my country. My dad told everyone that his son is rich now. I was his best bank. I lend some 5-digits here and there I think. I don’t even know how much exactly. I never got back anything after a year and I don’t think I ever will. Also waiting 2 years already for some money I lend out.

I felt like…if nobody gives me back anything I need to make it back myself. I started gambling with DICE and EOSbet cryptocasino. And I did well for many months. I won about 9,000 EOS with a careful strategy, a lot more EOS in the back and a lot of luck during this period. Then I lost all profits again with EOSbet within one day. Until here it wasn’t even bad. I lost as much as I won. But also the crypto market had a serious pullback and my EOS weren’t worth as much anymore.

I got emotional after this step backwards and market-bought DICE at the wrong time, all in. I lost another big chunk there on top of the general crypto pullback. All this gave me so much stress for about a month. I also couldn’t carry the financial burdens of my parents and family on a monthly basis anymore. Not this frequent…

I felt like I don’t want to care about money anymore. It didn’t really make me happy, I didn’t really use it myself anyway. It created only problems because suddenly so many people had financial problems and literally begged me for help.

During all this time I was still living in my 2 room student apartment, without a kitchen or tv. I am 29 now and I never even afforded a car.

2 months ago I decided to just quit everything and leave the country to have my peace. I quit my job because it wasn’t fun anymore and I didn’t care about the salary or money in general anymore.

Now I am living amongst the poorest people on earth here in Africa and I am more happy than all those months before when I was living in Europe with all this money (on the paper).

This journey completely changed how I perceive money and how I value it.

Now let me have another beer. The weather is good and I finally started enjoying my life without any pressure. Still hodlin the rest of my investment in DICE and if it completely gets rekt and falls to 0 I am fine with it. I have found my peace here now, with money or without.


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