I found something strange on youtube…help me dig deeper

I found something strange on youtube…help me dig deeper

Earlier today I got bored and searched random letters in the youtube search bar. The random letters I typed happened to be “trygf”

I clicked the back button and went to search some more random letters. However, when I clicked on the search bar, some strange suggestions showed up.

Here is a gif of what happened.

If you click on the recommended searches, even stranger videos come up. For example, “car surprise egg” (shown in the recommended searches above) seems to be some kind of pedophile whistle call, as most videos are a bunch of kids reviewing toys.

I tried some other random string of characters, with no strange results. However, I tried something similar, “tryfg” and even more peculiar results came up.

6 different accounts uploaded the same 6 second video titled “tryfg”

They all say:

“You did it!”


Here’s an example of one

A lot of other weird shit pops up as well

This other weird video was uploaded to at least 2 different accounts



I looked at the videos of some of these channels, and a lot of their videos are the exact same.

If you look back at the gif I linked (here) you saw the strange suggested searches. Clicking on any of the searches brings up some even more fucked up shit.

To save you some time, here is the wack shit I saw.

  • Straight up cannibalism
  • A person surgically attaching the bottom half of a dog to the top half of a cat
  • maggots crawling out of children’s eyes
  • people being slaughtered and beheaded

There is also an extremely disturbing video that I refuse to link. It involves someone being not only brutally murdered but also having their face chopped off. Someone on 4chan noticed there are coordinates in the description of the video. When followed, they lead to a house in the middle of nowhere.

Some thought the video was obviously fake– but who spends hours if not days of their time making a fake crime scene?

I thought at first this might be an ARG, but the deeper I went, I realized there is no way that’s possible. This shit is honestly fucking scary. Honestly I don’t think I can sleep after seeing some of that.

One thing I did find, is this.

In one video there was static for around 5 seconds. After further inspection, I found that random string of characters.

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so if you guys know any other subs that could help figure out what the hell is going on here, feel free to crosspost it to that community.

I can only dig so deep, and I feel like you guys could possibly add to this.

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