10 recently or soon-to-be published books about transhumanism

#ArtificialIntelligence: 10 recently or soon-to-be published books about transhumanism

There has been a recent growth in transhumanism related literature appearing on Amazon. But I don’t think most transhumanists are aware of what’s happening. So here is a list of ten recently or soon-to-be published books, on the subject of transhumanism, that can be found Online.

Note that not all of these books are pro-transhumanist, some are quite the opposite. But understanding that there are dissenting opinions on the matter is useful. Such gnosis keeps us on our toes.

Take a look at the links below and see what’s up.

1 – The Autism Epidemic: Transhumanism’s Dirty Little Secret – Written by Wayne McRoy and published on 04/16/2019

2 – Ethics As Warfare: Metaphysics And Morality Of The Era Of Transhumanism – Written by Philip J. Perrone and published on 05/18/2019

3 – Handbook Of Research On Learning In The Age Of Transhumanism – Written by Serap Sisman-Ugur and published on 05/03/2019

4 – The Simulation Hypothesis – Written by Rizwan Virk and published on 03/28/2019

5 – The Singularity Survival Guide – Written by Peter Clarke and published on 03/27/2019

6 – Transhumanism And The Image Of God – Written by Jacob Shartzer and published on 04/09/2019

7 – The Transhumanism Handbook – Written by multiple authors and published on 07/16/2019

8 – Transhumanism: Engineering The Human Condition – Written by Roberto Manzocco and published on 04/11/2019

9 – Transhumanism, Nature And The Ends Of Science – Written by Robert Frodeman and published on 06/21/2019

10 – Transhumanism: What Is It? – Written by Natasha Vita-More and published on 10/17/2018

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