Jobs; I’m a physics grad-student, and I’m interested in moving to #crypto after my degree.

Jobs; I’m a physics grad-student, and I’m interested in moving to crypto after my degree.

For background, I’m a masters physics student and while going around a programming sub long ago, someone said that crypto is great fun! So I joined the coursera course and I loved it! The amount of algebra is great and I love it. I’m also quite versed in programming/Networking/OS’s (particularly Linux) and so on… And I wondered, could I make a living out of crypto? Is it better if I keep studying till I get a Ph.D + a few postdocs or stop at Masters? How employable am I with a Ph.D/Masters + a few certs? And do you think I’m better suited for another field within IT maybe? (maybe outside IT, but I doubt I’ll be interested)

Ofc I would be delighted if I could stay in Physics academia, since I like it a bit, but seeing the fierce competition I doubt I’ll be able to stay reliably without sacrificing my life basically.

I also thought quantum crypto/computing will still be in the labs for a while. Do you perceive it this way? Are there any real job prospects in that? And what is it like working there?

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