Here Are Some Very Useful Add-ons For Firefox That Tremendously Help With Anti-fingerprinting.

Here Are Some Very Useful Add-ons For Firefox That Tremendously Help With Anti-fingerprinting.

Hello this is what i personally use as add-ons for Firefox and i think everyone should use these add-ons to further increase the the freedom of our online browsing. Also some these are for security and not just spoofing for anti-fingerprinting.

  1. NoScript

This add-on is for advanced users ONLY and WILL break most websites and i highly recommend you watch a video on how to use it for the best security and privacy. It protects you against XSS and other web security exploits.

  1. Ublock Origin

This to block any harmful scripts/trackers or unnecessary ads automatically etc. (might break websites)

  1. Privacy Badger

This is for block tracking cookies and stop other sites seeing what you are logged into to stop further fingerprinting.

  1. CanvasBlocker

This add-on allows you to prevent from using some JavaScript APIs to fingerprint you.

  1. Decentraleyes

This is to stop trackers ads and to improve site speed. Its very easy to use and never breaks websites

  1. Cookie AutoDelete

This add-on is absolutely necessary add-on. It stop from transferring cookies that identify you and let other websites know what you are logged into, what other websites you’ve been on, and and what videos you’ve been watching even when logged out of YouTube. The thing is as soon as you leave a website it WILL log you out because it doesn’t have that cookie to identify you with but that is something you are going to have to give up if you want to be to be anonymous online.

  1. Chameleon

This is a very underrated add-on that everyone should use because it helps against fingerprinting so well. One of the first good things that it can do it spoof your OS and browser and Change it automatically at your set time cycle. Secondly it can enable do not track which tells websites not to track you but isn’t very useful lol. It can also prevent Etaging im not sure what that means but im sure one of you can tell me. It can also spoof your referrer or disables it, you can block web sockets or just disable 3ed party web sockets or turn them off completely. You can disable script injections but you need to enable it to use a lot of the Chameleons features. This add-on can also spoof your window name, spoof audio context, spoof client rects, spoof screen size but doing this may break some websites, spoof timezones, prevent keyboard fingerprinting, and much more!!

These are optional add-ons that are also very useful

  1. HTTPS Everywhere

This to make sure every website is encrypted and optionally block unencrypted sites.

  1. Disable WebRTC

This is only if you are using a VPN and it disables WebRTC Which can show your real IP through your VPN. You can also disable this and a lot more stuff like this manually! without any identifiable add-ons if you type in a new tab “about:config” and follow the steps here :

  1. FireX Proxy

A proxy is like a VPN but doesn’t encrypt you data while its being delivered it just changes you IP location. For example if you are using a proxy your ISP can see what you are looking at if your website isn’t encrypted but with a VPN the ISP cant see it but the VPN provider can because they are the ones who decrypt it which is why i highly recommend looking at privacy policy’s that hold or can see any info about you. You should also note that when you log into for example google they WILL log your IP which is why you shouldn’t use your VPN or real IP because it can be still used to identity you which is why proxy’s are useful. BTW this is free.

  1. VTZilla

This is a virus scanner that checks things you download before you download it.

  1. Tineye Reverse Image Search

This isn’t too useful but it searches the web for a chosen image.

  1. Exif Viewer

This add-on is very interesting and scary. It searches any JPEG images for IPTC metadata inside the JPEG file which can identify what device took the picture and other spooky things

  1. Temp Mail – Disposable Temporary Email

This is extremely useful for making accounts without giving personal info or spamming

Anyways that’s all the add-ons i use myself and please make sure more people see this because like you i think privacy is very important and everyone should take these pro-cations

One more thing here are some websites you can test your browser with make sure you enable scripts for proper testing.

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