The State of the Internet.

The State of the Internet.

I will refrain from using specific website names so this post doesn’t trip any algorithms.

  • Your favorite online shopping site now filters results to push certain brands. You can’t search by price range anymore for this reason, and there are no “simiiar items” anymore. 90% of reviews are completely fake—there’s no way to know whether the product you’re ordering is quality or not, or whether there are cheaper better options.

  • Movie review sites now only push blockbusters, “reviews” are completely politicized, reviews are changed or censored. You can’t search by audience score anymore on the most popular site. That tomato site is literally just a Dizz Knee promotion front at this point.

  • Tw_I_tter now filters out replies. Anything remotely controversial and any form of dissent hidden. The blatant censorship and political bias of this site is well documented at this point so I’ll leave it at that.

  • re_dd_it curates top posts. Shadowbanning WAY more common than you think. An absolute breeding ground of astroturfing. There is so much vote manipulation happening that most are completely unaware of, nothing that happens here is organic. There is literally nowhere to get unbiased news here anymore. This sub has taken a positive turn over the last few months, which I’m thankful for.

  • Ewe toob hiding all dissenting results now, also curating results for companies, just absolute authoritarian style censorship, banning, punishing.

  • Wick E. Pedia now being edited for proper narrative, a top notch example of how history is written by those in power. Try searching for plants that have legit medicinal value, ones that actually have multiple studies to prove their efficacy, if you want to see how bad it is. The pharmaceutical vs plant medicine situation is just very obviously manipulated there. They are also sure to always include links about conspiracy theorists being quacks every time they get the chance.

  • Every single conspiracy board online has been co-opted and has a controlled narrative, with the (improbable) exception of this one, lately. I think most of us remember a handful of go-to conspiracy sites we used to visit…they’re all partisan dumpster fires now. Absolute breeding grounds for astroturfing. I have my theories about the chans too, it’s obvious they are serving a specific purpose today, and are not organic whatsoever.

  • Most(there are very few exceptions) news sites have become entirely opinion. The cooperation with and control by alphabet agencies couldn’t be more obvious, and some of the narratives are downright comedic because of how stupid they are. They are also basically just corporate ad platform.


This is the state of the internet. Corporate or government criticism, creative and critical thinking, are all aggressively censored. We can’t go on like this…something’s got to give if history repeats itself. I’ve been asking myself a heavy question:

  • If private media companies have the right to censor and manipulate citizens, does that make whatever form of capitalism we’re using authoritarian and oppressive?

I don’t have a solution, and it’s certainly not communism. But this IS oppression, there’s no doubt now. Our forefathers would be rolling in their graves if they saw how interconnected business and government have become, and dismal amount of liberty that allows. We are really in some dark times; if you compare how free the internet was only 10 years ago, the reigns have been tightened drastically, it has become almost completely airtight. Literally all bases are covered at this point. Most people still think everything they see is organic, unfortunately, although a lot of people have been waking up due to the blatancy and outright aggression that we’re seeing in recent years. I noticed this sub TRIPLED in size only a few months ago, and I’m wondering what all was at play to make that happen. I’m really glad that this sub has stopped being so partisan recently, maybe that had something to do with it.

We need to acknowledge how bad things really are today compared to the past, as it seems to have snowballed in the last couple years. Some questions for you:

  • How can we get our freedom of information back?

  • What will it take to activate a (peaceful, but angry)revolt against this oppression?

  • What are some practical steps we can take to start sliding the scale back to liberty?

  • Should social media be regulated? Should information be protected from ads and propaganda? What would government’s role be in this?

Thanks for reading. We’re kind of at a flashpoint with this right now, so I thought I would try to paint a full picture for you all as best I could to show the complete level of ubiquitousness and infiltration of the tentacles that seek to hold liberty down. It’s time to come up with solutions and start brainstorming, while we still can.

With love love and dignity, KoreaNSFW

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