Ethereum is undervalued and presents a compelling investment opportunity for the mid-to-long term

Ethereum is undervalued and presents a compelling investment opportunity for the mid-to-long term

I believe in the current market, ETH is priced irrationally low versus Bitcoin and presents a compelling buying opportunity. Bitcoin does have the liquidity and volume advantage, but Ethereum will start to gain against it as futures and other financial products (most of which are exclusively Bitcoin right now) start to expand to Ethereum.

If you look at most of the streamlined crypto financial reporting tools, the focus tends to be on Bitcoin and Ethereum- pretty much ignoring anything else. If you view these entities as a leading indicator for the broader market, they are telling us that Ethereum is and will remain a major financial asset in the crypto space, very likely to increase in public awareness over time. And of course, ETH is one of only two cryptoassets I’m aware of which the SEC has explicitly deemed a non-security (the other is BTC), which gives it important regulatory treatment which will encourage the creation of more US-based financial products based upon it.

This isn’t just a first place “gold” (BTC) and second place “silver” (ETH) comparison though. ETH is like a “silver” which will only continue to get better and more useful over time, while BTC is a digital gold which will remain relatively stagnant and will likely only have as much relevance as the commodity it now seeks to emulate. And Ethereum has one advantage Bitcoin will never have- diverse and trust-minimized / trust-less financial and non-financial use cases.

ETH is not only used as money today in the decentralized Ethereum economy, but Ethereum is used to create, store, and interact with all sorts of financial assets, and much of that activity which would not be possible without it. Watch over the next 5 years as Ethereum begins to devour more and more assets onto the chain. It started with ETH, then ERC-20s, then NFT / digital collectibles, then stable coins, and now onto tokenized securities and even tokenized BTC in the form of WBTC. As that happens, economic activity on Ethereum will begin to skyrocket, compared to Bitcoin which is effectively a mono-asset market.

And over a 10 to 20 year timeframe, I’m willing to bet that the asset which actually allows for native decentralized finance (that’s ETH) has a decent shot at becoming a broadly accepted money, versus something whose monetary premium is derived essentially from memes only (that’s BTC).

Ethereum is a massive sleeper at #2 with much room to grow, and much world changing potential still to come. And right now, it’s trading at only 12.5% or 1/8th of the BTC marketcap. Unless you’re one of those people who believe BTC dominance is going to 95% and all other assets will die, this is a very compelling discount for a savvy investor.

Very few other chains provide any meaningful economic value to the space, which is why I believe most financial value will accrue to ETH and BTC over time. That’s why I remain about 80% ETH and 20% BTC, and continue to be very optimistic about Ethereum and ETH’s future.

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