Some Observations on SSD bit rot

Some Observations on SSD bit rot

Since the Samsung 840 SSD, circa 2013, we have observed bit rot on TLC SSD drives. A few bits “evaporate” with time (faster when warmer). The SSD controller can ECC correct these error bits when read, however there is a big performance penalty when this is going on. SSD manufacturers seem to overly focus on extending “endurance” (wear out) of cells from writing many times and seem to totally ignore bit rotting. Some SSD firmware sees bit rotting, and incorrectly ASSUMES it to be endurance wear out, which can cause a drive to become prematurely “bricked” [made read only]

Below is my dropbox link to a folder containing PDFs of this work in progress project. When updates happen, they will be placed in the dropbox folder with a date on each filename. You can make your own observations and participate as well.




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