News websites that don’t feature comment sections should be boycotted.

News websites that don’t feature comment sections should be boycotted.

I always like to check comments sections after reading any article. In many cases, a single comment will destroy the whole premise of a 3 page article, or provide additional relevant info. Of course, in many cases comments are a cesspool of nastiness, but I can live with that and sometimes get a laugh out of it. I’m willing to take time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

At any rate, any time I see that a news webpage that does not feature comments, it tells me that:

1) the site is afraid of criticism or contradiction; or

2) the site has bowed down to political correctness and is afraid of offending people

or both of these.

There really is no reason to put up with or tolerate this. First, there are many sources to obtain information on the internet. Second, in many cases reading the story didn’t really add anything to my life and was a waste of time. 90% of them aren’t really relevant to my life. I think it’s perfectly reasonable and feasible to start weeding these websites out.

I think the first step would be to create a fairly comprehensive list of webpages that don’t allow comments. It would not be possible to do everything, but a list of, say 100 major websites would be a huge help. We can simply add them to our firewalls, or treat the entire site as if it were an advertiser and add to an adblock list. Another thing that would be cool is if there were some sort of browser extension that could detect whether or not a webpage has a comments section enable before visiting.

Anyway, this is an idea I’ve been toying with that I felt like talking about. I welcome your thoughts, ideas and constructive criticism.

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