Why do I react so differently to Sativa vs Indica?

Why do I react so differently to Sativa vs Indica?

I’ve had both good and bad experiences with weed. Never really was able to pinpoint exactly why until I started to buy weed legally and knew exactly what I was getting. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Sativa just isn’t for me. I’m just trying to understand why that is though. To my understanding CBD is the only part of weed that has anxiolytic properties; however, I have tried some hybrids before that were very high in CBD and still didn’t enjoy the experience. It was usually not as bad as your average sativa, but still not pleasant. But I’ve noticed I’ve been able to have Indica with very high THC and low CBD and have a very pleasant experience. I mean, maybe it’s true that Sativa is more of a mind high and Indica is more body and that’s why I like it more, but when I read around on the internet, and there’s a lot of information out there suggesting that that theory has absolutely no scientific backing and is just an agreed upon feeling amongst users. I mean, i feel like that is the case for me. I really have yet to have any known ill effects from Indica, but have had mostly bad experiences with Sativa. Sativa almost always brings on panic attacks. I’ve noticed this is the case regardless of smoking or eating cannabis. I’ve never really been a super regular pot smoker due to this reason. It wasn’t until I could go to a dispensary, and now more recently legally buy it at a cannabis shop that I use it a little more seeing as I have figured out what I like and dont like. But yeah, I’m just wondering if others know of possible reasons why I can have such a pleasant relaxed high with Indica even with high THC and low CBD. In the past I thought maybe i just did better with strains that were higher in CBD, cuz I thought maybe I might be sensitive to THC and needed a balance. But that doesn’t seem to be the case exactly. I do think im a bit more sensitive than others, mind you my friends are full on stoners so it’s probably not best to compare myself to their tolerances. i dont know why I care so much about this answer given that i seem to have figured out what i like and dont like, but i guess im just interested in understanding it better.

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